6 Enterprise-Grade Technical SEO Tools & Platforms

6 Enterprise-Grade Technical SEO Tools & Platforms

6 Enterprise-Grade Technical SEO Tools & Platforms


6 Enterprise-Grade Technical SEO Tools & Platforms


Maintaining large websites and their infrastructure can make technical SEO overwhelming. That's why we've compiled a list of the top six recommended tools to help you out. A solid technical infrastructure can make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your information. By improving technical components such as site structure, file compression, and load time, technical SEO can increase your website's exposure and organic traffic. While some technical SEO tasks can be done manually, many can be automated or simplified with various tools and platforms. Check out our list of the best enterprise-level technical SEO tools and platforms, including their features, benefits, and costs.

1. SEORadar


SEORadar is a robust paid tool that provides precise monitoring of URL changes and notifications for any site modifications that could negatively impact organic traffic. It's an invaluable platform to have in your SEO toolbox, as it allows you to detect and address problems before they cause any damage to your website and bottom line. For instance, if your site's Air Jordan page on Nike.com changes from a 200 to a 404 error, SEORadar will notify you immediately, giving you the opportunity to fix the issue before it affects your traffic and income. Additionally, SEORadar can confirm any page destruction or removal, and prevent any significant revenue loss. The platform also offers the flexibility to control activated sites and warnings, and store source code and screenshots. If you have a website with many pages that generate a significant amount of traffic and sales, SEORadar is a fantastic tool to have. Keep in mind that SEORadar is not cheap, particularly if you have a large website with many key landing pages, but the investment may be worthwhile.


2. seoClarity


seoClarity is a comprehensive SEO tool that stands out from the rest by offering AI-powered insights and automated SEO implementation. One of its remarkable features is the ability to conduct unlimited crawls with no limitations on the depth, speed, or data exports.

With seoClarity, you can easily crawl JS, perform log file analysis, and monitor real-time issues. Moreover, seoClarity recently acquired RankSense, which enables marketers to achieve rapid SEO results at scale and make quick changes to most SEO meta tags, structured data, and redirects. Compared to similar services like BrightEdge, Searchmetrics, and Conductor, seoClarity is a more affordable option, with pricing starting at around $750 per month and custom plans available.


3. Screaming Frog


Screaming Frog is a desktop-based tool highly valued by technical SEO specialists for its capability to crawl websites and analyze numerous technical SEO factors. Its functionality goes beyond that, as it has the ability to integrate with other tools and platforms as well.

Screaming Frog also provides several tools that simplify technical SEO tasks such as site migrations, resolving 404 errors, page speed optimization, running list crawls, and crawling staging sites.

For me, it is a top tool for both short and running list crawls. Nevertheless, crawling larger websites such as Best Buy with millions of URLs can be time-consuming. In these cases, enterprise-level crawling platforms like Botify, Deepcrawl, or Oncrawl might be more suitable.

The service is free for up to 500 URLs, and the paid version costs €149 per year.


4. Botify


Botify is a highly recommended crawling tool for large companies. Its key features include data segmentation and comprehensive views that encompass keyword crawls and log files. If you have a vast website and need to crawl or perform a technical assessment, Botify is the tool to use. The company claims to have one of the swiftest crawlers in the field, capable of crawling through 250 URLs per second and rendering your JavaScript, as per their assertion.


In addition, Botify tracks an unlimited number of keyword queries based on real-world data and integrates with your website analytics and GSC to collect essential information such as income and traffic. Using machine learning, Botify Intelligence function prioritizes your highest-impact prospects and alerts you to potential SEO issues. This allows you to quickly identify what needs to be addressed first.


Botify does not disclose its pricing, but it offers three plans to choose from.


5. Deepcrawl


Deepcrawl is an outstanding technical SEO platform that provides website crawling and analysis capabilities. It delivers in-depth data on various technical SEO metrics, including site structure, file sizes, and redirects. One of my preferred features is the Deepcrawl Monitor Hub, which enables you to monitor website changes and detect any issues. Additionally, it includes a trendspotting dashboard that consolidates all of your domains and projects in one convenient location.

Deepcrawl is also fast, able to crawl large enterprise sites at scale and provide practical data.The pricing information is not made public on the company's website.


6. Oncrawl


For your technical audit needs, look no further than Oncrawl, an enterprise-level SEO crawler and log analyzer that utilizes machine learning and data science to provide actionable insights and improve your technical SEO.

Oncrawl is a particularly cost-effective option, making it an excellent choice for SEO professionals or small agencies on a budget.

While it offers most of the same features as its competitors, such as BrightEdge and Conductor, they were not included because BrightEdge acquired Oncrawl and Conductor has Deepcrawl integration built in.

One of my favorite features of Oncrawl is its monitoring and warnings capabilities.

With three pricing options available, starting at just €49 per month, Oncrawl is a great value.


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