A spotlight on the crimes through Facebook & its impact on Indian Girls

The question starts with – Is the availability of technology is exceeding Humanity?

India is a home of multi-cultural and multi-religion where respecting women is primary. Since the ancient days, women are given special respect and as days go on women are given right of power. We should definitely accept the fact that, the trending lifestyle makes society exquisitely depends on science and technology even though many of us hardly know about it. Especially, with corporate culture the parents are more depending on smart gadgets to engage their children besides spending personal time in telling the stories, teaching them the good and the bad. There is really a scarcity amongst the young generation for expressing their thoughts to their parents.

They have become more independent and have freedom in their thoughts- likely no one to correct them.

Cyber Bullying

Social networking sites have become more popular since last decade such as Facebook where India is ranked amongst top two with 195.16 million Facebook Users by May, 2016. Most of the Facebook users spend enormous time every day where some of them thoroughly enjoy it and some innocent people adopt it as their personal dairy by posting all their day to day activities. Despite, the intension of Facebook to create a network amongst the people, it has given a straight path to the hackers and doors open for the cyber bullying and blackmails leading for deaths of innocent girls.

The Global Youth Online behavior Survey was conducted by Microsoft and it is a shame to say that India has come third in cyber bullying. In the recent publication by a leading newspaper – Hindustan Times, 53% of Indian children between 8 to 17 years have been bullies where the minimum allowed age to create a social media account is 18. One side, with the busy life it is the failure of parents to observe what their kid is doing and other side it is even the failure of social networking sites like Facebook unable to verify the genuine of accounts created every day. There are very minimal steps to verify an account which has given a chance to young generation to take a false step by creating a fraud account.

Every day we foresee many cases in the newspapers and media across the country in regards to the cyber bullying, rape, blackmail etc. Recently, there was news released by NDTV portraying the arrest of a 19 year old engineering student for allegedly harassing his classmate on Facebook at Hyderabad. According to the police, Mr. Kumar used to send complainant messages to the girl by creating a fake account. He later pressured the girl to share her nude photos. “He also threatened to share her (morphed) pictures with her parents, friends and family members if she failed to send her nude pictures,” the police said in release issued in Hyderabad. During interrogation, Mr. Kumar confessed that he has created 10 fake accounts in the anonymous girl’s name.

Harassment facebook

Mr. Rajesh Gambhir, 29 has targeted girls from age 9-16. He used to morph pics of the girls and blackmail them by texting on WhatsApp. The police team from Ashok Vihar Police station has took the case from the father of a 15-year daughter and started their hunt. The police said that – “Our probe revealed that the SIM card used for the crime was obtained on fake identity proofs. Sustained efforts led us to nabbing the accused from his home in Kishan Ganj,” said Mr. Singh. Added the police said, “Gambhir has revealed that he used to obtain pictures of girls by randomly typing in names on Facebook. “He would save their pictures and impose pictures of nude women on their faces using a photo editing device,” said the DCP”. He would then contact these victims through Facebook or WhatsApp. He would threaten to post their morphed pictures on social media if they refuted his demands, the officer said. (Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Delhi/Man-who-%E2%80%98blackmailed%E2%80%99-girls-with-morphed-pictures-held/article14997812.ece).

There was another case from Kolkata, where the leading newspaper Times of India has showed the case of “IT women shames Cyber bullying on Facebook”. An actor cum Software Engineer Panchali Kar protested against the dirty memes and reported to the cyber team by sharing them the screenshots of her email on Facebook to ensure the victim gets punished.

There are countless cases every day which the cyber cop team is working on and there are many young innocent girls getting trapped by the cyber victims. There are numerous workshops conducted these days in schools, colleges and corporates to make everyone aware of this.

Cyber Bullying Stop Methods

The rights and responsibilities are two side of a coin. If we demand for our responsibilities we also have to bear the responsibilities to be a true citizen of India. It is not just the workshop or counselling but it is a must act for everyone to make aware of Harassment, Stalking, Bullying & Hacking/Identity theft to everyone and especially young generation, the limitations of usage of Facebook and other social media sites explaining them the importance of the privacy. It is also a crucial role for parents to have discussions with their children to avoid these kinds of consequences.

Every young girl should be aware of what must be done when they are trapped. As how the computer is a part of today’s education, the study on acts, consequences and fight back on cyber bullying should be part of their academics.


A spotlight on the crimes through Facebook & its impact on Indian Girls

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