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Cyber law has involved in many activities like theft, forgery and defamation which have been subject to Indian Penal code. I catogorarize the cyber acts in two ways to provide solutions for these activities.

  • Firstly, many have made websites as target to attack on other websites.
  • Secondly they have involved in Cyber Terrorism, IPR violations, Credit card frauds and EFT frauds.

I protect your domain name by using strategic protocols to ensure that your website maintains its existence and does not get deprived by customer base.  In India there are unrecognized or unauthenticated sources that can be a trick of a cyber-fraudster. I just make sure vital information to any web based entity is not accessed without verifying the authenticity of the notice.

I safeguard your domain from an online hacker to contact the registrar of your domain. By this you can confirm whether the statement has been issued or not. This helps in establishing protected and confidential information between domain registrars and domain names. All you need to do is to get an authorization information code at the time of domain registration. There are many ways to protect a website. I have listed few of them below:

  • Registrar Lock: By this, you are able to keep your information safe from third parties. The unauthorized users cannot modify or delete the information. The domain registration service of the information is kept safe.
  • Domain Privacy: It is a security system which ensures that your contact details are safe. This avoids the domain hackers to retrieve vital information from your domain from the database of Whois records.
  • Unique Passwords: My idea for unique passwords is to get smart and tricky passwords. This must be unbreakable by making them elongated. For example you can choose wrong spellings so the hacker finds it difficult to crack the code.

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Hackers have involved in stealing sensitive information. Most of them have found India a place for attacking sensitive customer data. As a Cyber law consultant in Hyderabad I have come up with expert solutions to prevent fraud and keep your site safe. I provide a secure connection for online checkout and make sure that you are PCI compliant. I use a process of employing an address and card verification system which sets up system alerts for suspicious activity.

I provide your website with firewalls which stops attackers before they breach your network to gain access to your sensitive information. The Distributed Denial of Service attacks are increasing in frequency. For this I turn the ecommerce websites to cloud-based DDoS protection. Cyber-attacks can always be controlled by consultants. I make sure I have solutions for all these attacks.

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