Facebook introduced new tool for public figure

Facebook adds a new tool


facebook introduced new toolDigital Marketing is the new slogan today!!!

Facebook is now the active social media platform to engage users. This platform allows you to enhance the reach of your product across the length and breadth of your product marketing spectrum.

Facebook Stories option an interactive feature from Facebook

Facebook has now recently launched the Facebook Stories option.This feature allows you to tag your friends, upload snaps, audio,  video, etc so that it reaches multiple audiences.

Even your friends can like, comment and share your pics.

This feature comes handy as you can reach a diverse audience spanning different demographies.

Your friends and connections can view your story.They can post their esteemed comments.This helps in improving your bonding with your friends in the social circle.

This marketing technique helps you increase your net followers on Facebook.A very interesting feature.The likes, comments shares,reshares actually boost you to surge ahead in your marketing technique. The public feedback also acts like building your brand image and trust in the market.

This feature is now used by all entrepreneurs to market their products and services across the web.

You can also post your live audio, video marketing your products and services.MsgLaksya Ornamental Studio located in the busy lanes of Kuruppam Road, Thrissur,Kerala has rightfully used this feature from Facebook.This article is dedicated to giving a clarion call to all entrepreneurs, budding youth today to broadcast their products to reach the vast sector of the audience.

You can upload your pics. Ask for recommendation.Facebook serves with you a kitty of features so that your advertising does not go waste.You can tag friends so that they can be abreast with your marketing standards.

Steps to Add to Story In Facebook

Step 1: Access your Facebook page from the Facebook mobile app.

Step 2: Scroll down until you see ‘Add to the story’

Step 3: Click on ‘Add to the story’

Step 4: Create your Story or upload a photo or video. …

Step 5: Click the ‘Add to story’ button or choose ‘Next’.

We hope that this article gave you deep insights on using the Facebook Story feature. We assure you to keep posted on all latest happenings and news in the Digital Marketing Industry.

Please do keep sharing your thoughts and feedback so that we can also be in sync with the public and market taste.We also can refurbish our brand and come with added features to our products and services.We would like to know reader’s taste and we want to come up with interesting articles, newsletters on the same.

Facebook introduced new tool for public figure

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