How Google Algorithm Works

How Google Algorithm Works

This is a far too bit complex topic to talk

Google’s spiders and crawler programs to asses webpages

This article will throw light on how Google actually ranks your web page. Google uses automated programs like Spiders and Crawlers. These programs will actually asses your web page. Google uses an Algorithm Page Rank. This algorithm is going to calculate your web page relevancy score.

This algorithm has been named after Google’s co-founder Larry Page. These complex algorithms help to weigh the web page.

Day in day out Google keeps searching for any new information on the web. Whenever Google finds new information on the web it tracks the page and assigns a score to it based on numerous factors. These factors have not been completely revealed by Google as it is their trademark secret.

Not just keywords but the novelty of the content is also another factor that is used by Google to rank the web pages.

Google has huge data centers that act as a repository of information. There is a bulk load of data stored.

Mindboggling statistics

Statistics say that Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average (visualize them here), which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

Most companies, therefore, focus on getting the best content authored for their websites so that they can rank high in the Google Search Engine Results page.

Blog Writing is being done by companies so that they can attract more traffic to your website. Companies make their content scribes team write more authentic content that is readable and understandable to the general public.Daily there is so much knowledge and content that is available on the web. Google’s search engines algorithm traverses all the information available across the web and assign a score and ranks the web pages accordingly.There are huge data centers with a lot of information.

Can we ever imagine a world without Google?

Never. Google has become a part of a parcel of our daily lives. Whatever doubts we get we ask Google for an answer. Google is now our one-stop solution to all our woes. The voice search, text search, etc from Google makes our life a lot easier. We need not run from pillar to post for information. We have chunks of valid information catered to us all under one roof.

Few crawlers are being listed down here for your kind perusal:

  • Frontera is a web crawling framework implementing crawl frontier component and providing scalability primitives for web crawler applications.
  • GNU Wget is a command-line-operated crawler written in C and released under the GPL. It is typically used to mirror Web and FTP sites.
  • GRUB is an open-source distributed search crawler that Wikia Search used to crawl the web.
  • Heritrix is the Internet Archive’s archival-quality crawler, designed for archiving periodic snapshots of a large portion of the Web. It was written in Java.

Hope this article gave you superficial information about the world of Google, Algorithms,Indexing feature.

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How Google Algorithm Works

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