SEO Versus PPC

Seo vs PpcSEO Refers to Search Engine Optimisation. This technique refers to careful choice of keywords to boost your website rankings in the Google search engine results page.PPC refers to Pay Per Click Campaign where the advertiser pays the publisher each time your ad gets clicked.

Many companies are employing these high-end strategies for pushing their products and services online.

It is crucial in the long term for your online business to bloom by incorporating such strategies apart from traditional marketing and word of mouth publicity.

SEO can scale up your business ranking by proper choice of keywords.


  • It can drive in more quantity and quality traffic to your website.
  • It is useful in the long term.


  • It is a costly affair

PPC Campaign Advantages

  • It shows instant results. Once your PPC Campaign is activated then it starts showing a surge in the incoming traffic. You can get good amount of conversions by the PPC Campaigns.

PPC Disadvantages

  • It allows capital investment.


SEO takes long tenure to display the returns while PPC Campaigns starts showing instant results.


No Longevity

Once a business refuses to pay for PPC, they no longer appear on the ads section of searches. At that point onward, any traffic that arrives at the business from the PPC marketing will typically only be repeat customers or users with brand recognition. When the marketing budget for PPC is turned off, the traffic from PPC is simultaneous turns negative.


SEO OR PPC or a mix of both?


Both are strategies of this current digital generation.PPC proves to beat SEO as far the digital marketing techniques are concerned.However for any business enterprise, it is best interest to employ both the strategies to widen the reach of your business.

It is imperative to stand out in the crowd with your array of products and services. Hence SEO intertwined with PPC offers an eclectic range of services.

Before implementing these services it is also crucial to have a responsive website which caters to all user and visitors requirements the website must fully furnish al your business details.Your online robust website will rope in more users to read and gradually know about your business.

Your website is the first point of contact.Later come the SEO and PPC strategies.

Both can offer a deadly combination to catapult mainstream traffic to your website.

Today many business ventures select a combination of both to drive authentic organic traffic to your website.

Both techniques help in building your brand image, reputation, and trust in the market. Cost is the most worrying entity as far as both methods are concerned. People tend to rely on products that figure in top search results. With the advent of digital marketing strategies and mobile gadgets into our everyday lives, we can see a sharp shift in people from the traditional and word of mouth publicity drives to more digital marketing aided services.

Stay ahead in this digital services sector with a proper application of SEO and PPC strategies combined. Hence choose wisely to stand at numero one position in the crowd.

SEO Versus PPC

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