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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in simple terms can be explained as a process affecting the online visibility of any website. Your website should be designed in such a way that it is easy both for the users and the search engine to understand. Only if these aspects are taken care of, your website can rank higher in Google and other search engines which in turn will increase the traffic at your website.

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1. Keywords Optimization

Being an SEO expert I like to adopt multi-level keyword optimization. But, first let us understand what keyword optimization is? Keyword optimization is nothing but a SEO process where the on page content is optimized by focusing on particular keywords which in turn enables a large number of audiences to find your website easily through various search engines. I ensure the content I use for website is unique, appealing and refreshing.

2. Meta Tags Optimization

For any website it is necessary that it has a qualitative website title, description and meta tags. As these aspects plays a vital role in site positioning and ranking on various search engines besides providing the basic information about what it contains. I make sure firstly I fix the website meta tags with high quality descriptive text so that they are not only user friendly but also SEO friendly.

3. Page Speed Optimization

Page speed or the site loading time is one the key aspects and also the major concern for all the website and app developers. The reason behind this is that you only have few seconds to attract the visitor of your website and if at that moment your website doesn’t load, it can piss off your customers. And as a result, you would lose a potential lead. Generally, this is taken care of by any SEO expert by various techniques.

4. Content Optimization

As always said, content is the Hero and is definitely one of the major factor in deciding the website ranking on various search engines. The content should be such that it is not only user friendly or appealing to the visitors but also is SEO friendly. I make sure when I take up any website designing project, the content is appealing and SEO friendly.

5. Social Media Optimization

Today, as all are aware of how the social media is overpowering everything, so social engagement has become the basic necessity of any business. A large number of audiences can be reached simply through social media posting. For farfetched reach it is important that more people are informed about your business, products and services. This is easily achievable through social media optimization.

6. User friendly Website Optimization

Like your office premises is the offline face of your business similarly, your website is the online face for your business undertaking so you need to cater all the needs of your visitors. The website design or the layout should be such that is compatible in all the devices and give its users an interrupted experience.

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