Team Deployment

I ensure proper team deployment for each of the project. As I build out our digital marketing team, I focused on three key roles:

team deployment

  1. Content Team

My content team is responsible for sourcing, creating and managing all the content of various projects. The content team will handle blogs, podcasts, videos, info-graphics, social media content, white papers, content creation, etc. This content creation includes both the customer oriented as well as content for the sales team. The best strategy for developing content includes:

  • The kind of content to be developed
  • The most relevant topics
  • At what stage the content need to be presented
  • The best marketing channels for content promotion
  1. Acquisition Team

My acquisition team is not only responsible for the initial acquisition of the customers but also includes the lead generation campaigns for the various projects of my clients. For an acquisition team to be perfect it is important to be able to differentiate between the best channels that works and the junk channels that don’t. My acquisition team is able to handle graphic design for ads, paid campaigns, organic campaigns and original images as well.

  1. Monetization Team

The purpose of everything and anything that we do is only to make money. My monetization team ensures that not only our fund rises but the fund of our clients also increases. I focus not just to generate money but the ultimate goal is to maximize the revenue of the client.

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