Who is the best? SS Rajamouli or Sundar Pichai

Who is the best? SS Rajamouli-  Who is an icon for Indian Film Industry & a Movie Entrepreneur or Sundar Pichai – the CEO of World’s number one Search Engine- GOOGLE

Rajamouli Sundar Pichai

The two legendries SS Rajamouli and Sundar Pichai are now the talk of town. Both have made India proud in their own specialized area. SS Rajamouli made all Indian’s proud with magnificent BAHUBALI movie, which is an epic in Indian Film Industry by making a record of 1000 Cr.  His hard work for continuous 5 years and motivating everyone at their best in contributing to the movie has made him a marathon.  Other side, the Google’s star Sundar Pichai hasn’t taken any short cuts for his success and epitomizes the old school formula of hard work and resilience also making a 1200 Crore incentive while his duties at Google.

They both stood as an example that Leaders are made not born. But now it is a question that who is best amongst both?

There are many common qualities in the both legendries. Let’s look on the life key drivers behind SS Rajamouli and Sundar Pichai in detail:

The credentials of SS Rajamouli: S.S Rajamouli – Baahubali of Indian Film industry, who bagged Best Film and Best Special effects at India’s 63rd National Film award for the year 2016; a director of 10 Blockbuster movies in a row; a techno-genius director using more than 4,500 VFX shots in the Baahubali movie creating a benchmark in Indian cinema history; a creator of Baahubali Brand equity rather than a movie itself and Bahubali merchandise comic books, novels, animation and video games.

The credentials of Sundar Pichai: Sundar Pichai has vaulted into the ranks of the world’s highest-paid executives after being awarded stock worth $199 million. Google granted 273,328 Class C shares to Pichai on Feb. 3, according to a regulatory filing. In order to fully cash out, Pichai will need to remain a Google employee through 2019. He makes everyone proud for his stake. An excellent standard of education gained by Sundar is also a replica for his hardwork, He did his engineering from IIT Kharagpur and MBA from Wharton School of Pennensylvania where he was name as Siebel Scholar and Palmer Scholar.


Develop successful teams – Leave Comfort Zone:

successful teams


SS Rajamouli:

  • With no experience in film industry before starting his career, except to work dedicatedly has become a captain of Indian Film Industry
  • His dedication towards work leaving apart kids and making family a part of the film making is an exemplifying nature for leaving his comfort zone
  • Made a film crew as a family crew creating a comfort zone


Sundar Pichai: Sundar recruited, mentored and retained a great team which developed great products

  • His team members are known to be best amongst all employees of Google
  • According to one former Googler, “He promotes really good people as opposed to the most political and opportunistic people.”


Avoid Making Enemies:

no enemy

SS Rajamouli:

  • Innovation speaks more about persuading a project headed by a leader
  • He stood as a best example of a Leader not a manager. Leading everyone with down to earth personality by communicating the need and sense for every department and he takes whole responsibility as a Captain of the Ship- ensuring everyone safe in the journey and also holds responsibility for the end results and NO COMPLAINTS for his hardship

Sundar Pichai:

  • Google, like any other big organization, has internal politics. Sundar navigated those politics to make his team successful while inflicting the least possible damage on any other team.


Care about people:

caring people

SS Rajamouli:

  • A never give up personality, who always be front in leading the whole massive team with even more extra care as when needed
  • Acquired skills by working more than one department has and know better about technical, managerial, behavioral, non-technical, communication skills required for a film making and therefore a complete knowledge of Film Project
  • His passion towards meeting the pulse of audience is the key persuasion for his success

Sundar Pichai:

  • He is known to be very empathetic and always cared about the people he worked with.
  • This quality made him one of the most liked seniors at Google. “I would challenge you to find anyone at Google who doesn’t like Sundar”, said a Google VP.


Hardwork and Grow:

hard work

SS Rajamouli:

  • The driving ability and master of SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities & Treats) Analysis is the key asset
  • Draws budget for a movie well before it is on sets can be done only by a GOD. He is a masterpiece in taking accountability for every rupee for the movie
  • He worked in all movie departments – editing, rerecording and so on, by taking it as an opportunity to learn everything that is possible
  • Never compromised till the end result is achieved and worked restlessly in achieving it and a highly visionary person with great persuasion is the key for his growing success

Sundar Pichai:

  • He worked very hard to reach the position that he is today. One of Google sources said that, “For some of the old-timers, reporting to the guy that used to be four levels below you is a challenging thing.”
  • “If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all” – Michelangelo


Make people understand difficult things:


Understand difficult things

SS Rajamouli

  • He is master in making producers; crew and audience believe him in making high budget movies which is a blockbuster. His proven track record is an example for this.

Sundar Pichai

  • There were times when Larry Page used to attend meeting, talk and leave without getting questioned.
  • In such situations, Sundar used to hop in and help the attendees understand what Larry meant and clarify their doubts.


Good Interpersonal Skills:


SS Rajamouli – The way he is:

  • The ability to pay attention and a tool to better a decision making – a key to successful business leaders.
  • Yes, leaders only have the habit to be able to learn and understand what others perspective is and judge their expertise- what they’re good at and what they’re not. Such skill is qualified as 360 degrees listening, which means listener keenly focus to a speaker’s views and knowledge and they even list out what he/she presents and not in a meeting, then questions the speaker to create validation of the subject discussed.

Sundar Pichai

  • He is known to be sitting quietly throughout the meetings that he attended and then after everyone is done talking, used to give ideas that would work for all.
  • This way he was able to listen to everyone’s perspective and then put his foot forward.


Keep Inventing:


SS Rajamouli:

  • He is a master in implementing proper strategy in making successful films. His every movie is unique and has a flavor knew invention to the film industry. His first movie journey from Student No. 1, Simhadri, Sye, Chatrapathi, Vikramarkudu, Yamadonga, Magadheera, Eega, Bahubali – The Beginning, Bahubali 2: The conclusion is an epic. Rajamouli believes in the same that inventing and implementing in the film industry with a passion create wonders.

Sundar Pichai:

  • Sundar Pichai will focus on any given time in innovating ideas and building products for the future. Then he will constantly think about it and make it the success by working hard.


Think Long Terms:

long terms

SS Rajamouli:

  • The movie making process of 5 year for Bahubali is the clear example for Long terms goals of SS Rajamouli.

Sundar Pichai:

  • Sundar Pichai will always think a long term and he used to work on that thing every day.


SS Rajamouli & Sundar Pichai – Follow your Dreams:


It’s important to follow your dream and do something which you’re excited and follow your heart and do the things which you like it does not matter which field you are it can be any field.


By seeing their leadership skills and hard-work, it is really inept to choose who is best amongst them. But both the legends have their mark in the Indian History creating wonders and being the role models for the future India. We wish them a great success ahead.


Who is the best? SS Rajamouli or Sundar Pichai

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